Self Help & Motivation

Self Help & Motivation

  • Today Matters by John Maxwell

    Today Matters by John Maxwell

    Ksh 1699

    Brief Summary Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow's Success Most of us look at our days in the wrong way: We exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate tomorrow. We underestimate today. The truth is that the most important day you will ever experience is today.  Today is the key to your success. Maxwell offers 12 decisions and disciplines-he calls it his daily dozen-that can be learned and mastered by any person to achieve success.  

  • The Making Of A Symphony Orchestra Timeless Leadership

    The Making Of A Symphony Orchestra Timeless Leadership

    Ksh 1799

    Brief Summary This book, over and above learning leadership, helps people to identify their purpose in life and unify it with their leadership agenda with a view of leaving a timeless legacy. Life therefore becomes one adventurous journey of leadership to all who study this book. Of course the very first person that you ought to lead is yourself and by being able to appropriately do so, you earn the right to lead others too. They, themselves, shall be willing to be led by you. In this book, I share personal life experiences in leadership in the simplest possible language for leaders at all levels to draw maximum benefit from. My innate drive to keenly and reflectively study situations from every facet of life I get involved in and my love for music found an opportunity to converge. Thus this book uses the metaphor of orchestral music to share salient leadership lessons that would hitherto stay hidden from some people. This is not a music book. It is a leadership book. You do not have to know music in order to appreciate it. All you have to do is contemplatively tap your right foot to its beats as you drink from its priceless pot of knowledge. As life would have it, the universe is full of music. All around us is music in the sense of harmony. The Creator did not intend any chaos but harmony in all we see and do. That is what makes music; many parts, many instruments, many participants but one beautiful piece of art that is pleasing to the ear. The same applies in all our leadership positions. We have to bring all pieces together in order to achieve the envisioned results. That is the language of life. Whoever makes the best symphony becomes the greatest leader;- the greatest director for the orchestra. It is my belief that you will enjoy the musicality in this leadership book as you dutifully mine the nuggets of wisdom that lurk within the pages into your life. The lessons you are going to learn by studying it shall forever remain imprinted in your heart and positively contribute to your immortality. I wish you all the best in your leadership endeavors and look forward to receiving a feedback from you about how this book impacted your life.   "

  • Stretched Too Thin by Jessica N Turner

    Stretched Too Thin by Jessica N Turner

    Ksh 2499

    Brief Summary Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive Working mothers constantly battle the pull to do all the things well. From managing work and home responsibilities to being impacted by a lack of self-care and time for deep friendships, the struggle is real. At the end of each day, many working moms are exhausted and stretched too thin. But this does not have to be the norm. In her latest practical and inspiring book, Jessica Turner shows the working mom how to - work and parent guilt-free - establish clear work boundaries - set achievable goals - discover more flexibility - develop home management solutions - prioritize self-care  - invest in her marriage - cultivate deeper friendships - feel like a good mom, even while working  Full of compassion and encouragement, Stretched Too Thin will empower women with useful insights and tools to thrive as working moms.  

  • The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls by Mona Eltahawy

    The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls by Mona Eltahawy

    Ksh 2599

    Brief Summary A bold and uncompromising feminist manifesto that shows women and girls how to defy, disrupt, and destroy the patriarchy by embracing the qualities they've been trained to avoid. Seizing upon the energy of the #MeToo movement, feminist activist Mona Eltahawy advocates a muscular, out-loud approach to teaching women and girls to harness their power through what she calls the "seven necessary sins" that women and girls are not supposed to commit: to be angry, ambitious, profane, violent, attention-seeking, lustful, and powerful. All the necessary "sins" that women and girls require to erupt. Eltahawy knows that the patriarchy is alive and well, and she is fed up: Sexually assaulted during hajj at the age of fifteen. Groped on the dance floor of a night club in Montreal at fifty. Countless other injustices in the years between. Illuminating her call to action are stories of activists and ordinary women around the world—from South Africa to China, Nigeria to India, Bosnia to Egypt—who are tapping into their inner fury and crossing the lines of race, class, faith, and gender that make it so hard for marginalized women to be heard. Rather than teaching women and girls to survive the poisonous system they have found themselves in, Eltahawy arms them to dismantle it. Brilliant, bold, and energetic, The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls is a manifesto for all feminists in the fight against patriarchy.  

  • Undo It How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases

    Undo It How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases

    Ksh 3799

    Brief Summary NATIONAL BESTSELLER - Fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and even the aging process itself with one simple, scientifically proven plan to reverse disease--as well as prevent and reduce symptoms--from the world-renowned pioneer of lifestyle medicine. Dean Ornish, M.D., has directed revolutionary research proving, for the first time, that lifestyle changes can often reverse--undo!--the progression of many of the most common and costly chronic diseases and even begin reversing aging at a cellular level. Medicare and many insurance companies now cover Dr. Ornish's lifestyle medicine program for reversing chronic disease because it consistently achieves bigger changes in lifestyle, better clinical outcomes, larger cost savings, and greater adherence than have ever been reported--based on forty years of research published in the leading peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. Now, in this landmark book, he and Anne Ornish present a simple yet powerful new unifying theory explaining why these same lifestyle changes can reverse so many different chronic diseases and how quickly these benefits occur. They describe what it is, why it works, and how you can do it: - Eat well a whole foods, plant-based diet naturally low in fat and sugar and high in flavor. The "Ornish diet" has been rated "#1 for Heart Health" by U.S. News & World Report every year from 2011 to 2017. - Move more moderate exercise such as walking - Stress less including meditation and gentle yoga practices - Love more how love and intimacy transform loneliness into healing With seventy recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans, tips for stocking your kitchen and eating out, recommended exercises, stress-reduction advice, and inspiring patient stories of life-transforming benefits--for example, several people improved so much after only nine weeks they were able to avoid a heart transplant--Undo It! empowers readers with new hope and new choices.  

  • How Women Rise by Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen

    How Women Rise by Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen

    Ksh 1799

    Brief Summary How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise Since the publication of his international bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, business guru Marshall Goldsmith has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, sharing the ideas he put forth in that groundbreaking book. But a few years ago, he realized that while some of the habits he outlined in What Got You Here apply to both men and women, women face specific, and different, challenges as they seek to advance in their careers. So he partnered with his longtime colleague, women’s leadership expert Sally Helgesen, to create this invaluable handbook for women trying to take the next step in their careers. They realized that for women in particular, the very skills and habits that made them successful early in their careers could actually be holding them back as they advance to the next stage of their working lives. Women in particular struggle with habits like: 1. Reluctance to Claim Your Achievements 2. Expecting Others to Spontaneously Notice and Reward Your Hard Work 3. Overvaluing Expertise 4. Building Rather than Leveraging Relationships 5. Failing to Enlist Allies from Day One 6. Putting Your Job Before Your Career 7. The Disease to Please 8. The Perfection Trap 9. Minimizing 10. Too Much 11. Ruminating 12. Letting Your Radar Distract You Like the original What Got You Here, this new book will help women identify specific behaviors that keep them from realizing their full potential, no matter what stage they are in their career. It will also help them identify why what worked for them in the past will not necessarily get them where they want to go in the future–and how to finally shed those behaviors so they can advance to the next level, whatever that may be.  

  • Running on Empty by Jonice Webb

    Running on Empty by Jonice Webb

    Ksh 2499

    Brief Summary Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect. Running on Empty is the first self-help book about Emotional Neglect: an invisible force from your childhood which you can't see, but may be affecting you profoundly to this day. It is about what didn't happen in your childhood, what wasn't said, and what cannot be remembered. Do you sometimes feel as if you're just going through the motions in life? Are you good at looking and acting as if you're fine, but secretly feel lonely and disconnected? Perhaps you have a fine life and are good at your work, but somehow it's just not enough to make you happy. If so, you are not alone. The world is full of people who have an innate sense that something is wrong with them. Who feel they live on the outside looking in, but have no explanation for their feeling and no way to put it into words. Who blame themselves for not being happier. If you are one of these people, you may fear that you are not connected enough to your spouse, or that you don't feel pleasure or love as profoundly as others do. Perhaps when you do experience strong emotions, you have difficulty understanding or tolerating them. You may drink too much, or eat too much, or risk too much, in an attempt to feel something good. In over twenty years of practicing psychology, many people have arrived in Jonice Webb's office, driven by the threat of divorce or the onset of depression, or by loneliness, and said, "Something is missing in me." Running on Empty will give you clear strategies for how to heal, and offers a special chapter for mental health professionals. In the world of human suffering, this book is an Emotional Smart Bomb meant to eradicate the effects of an invisible enemy.  

  • Worry Less Live More by Robert Morgan Hardcover

    Worry Less Live More by Robert Morgan Hardcover

    Ksh 2399

    Brief Summary Worry Less, Live More: God’s Prescription for a Better Life How do you bury worry before it buries you?  Worry, which is essentially a strain of fear, is a rational response to real pressures and problems. Life is harder than we expect, and even the Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace Himself, admitted, “Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). He said, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33). On one occasion, He even said, “Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say?” (John 12:27). Our souls are easily troubled. The world and its trials seem to only increase.  In nearly forty years of pastoral counseling, Rob Morgan has seen a lot of changes in our culture. People are anxious, and everyone seems increasingly tense and taunt. We’re overextended, running on empty, and often running late. We’re worried and we’re weary. One moment we’re alarmed about global politics and the next we’re frustrated with a clogged commode or a cranky boss. Stress can have a way of keeping us on pins and needles from dawn to darkness. In this book Pastor Morgan leads the way through the investigation of the Bible’s premier passage on the subject of anxiety. Philippians 4:4–9 is God’s most definitive word about overcoming anxiety and experiencing His overwhelming peace. Dissecting the following eight practices this vital passage promotes will help you to wage war on worry: • The Practice of Rejoicing • The Practice of Gentleness • The Practice of Nearness • The Practice of Prayer • The Practice of Thanksgiving • The Practice of Thinking • The Practice of Discipleship • The Practice of Peace When we study and employ these practices effectively, we have the power to erase anxious thoughts and compose our minds with peace in any situation.  

  • The Success Commandments by DeVon Franklin

    The Success Commandments by DeVon Franklin

    Ksh 1799

    Brief Summary The Success Commandments: Master the Ten Spiritual Principles to Achieve Your Destiny. DeVon Franklin, New York Times bestselling author of The Wait and prominent Hollywood producer, reveals that secular and spiritual success are not opposites. To have one, you need the other. Are you tired of living a life paralyzed by fear? Are you anxious to break free of the “beware mentality” that has kept generations of well-meaning people living beneath the fullness of their calling? You’re unfulfilled because you’ve been convinced that you would lose your faith if you pursued the secular ambitions God has put in your heart. However, until you pursue those ambitions you will miss out on the fullness of God and the success you were created to have. For too long there’s been a line drawn between the spiritual and the secular, and we have been conditioned to believe that if we cross this line in either direction, we will have gone too far. It’s time to break down this barrier so you are free to go further than any believer has gone before. The Hollywood Commandments combines spiritual teachings with secular strategies to help you achieve unprecedented success and live the life you were destined to live.  

  • Managing Your Finances Gods Way by Gladys Juma

    Managing Your Finances Gods Way by Gladys Juma

    Ksh 1199

    Brief Summary Are you on course to conquering your debt? Are you investing right? Are you making the best of what you have in your hands? Get ideas on how you can kick start your financial journey and more. The outlined 10 steps in this manual will help you understand how: • You relate with money and gain an understanding on why. • To establish your financial position and create SMART goals. • You can live abundantly by expanding your capabilities to earn more. • To live within your means by creating a practical savings and spending plan. • To get out of debt within a shorter period. • To invest right and diversely based on your goals. • To secure your investments against unforeseen eventualities. • To cultivate healthy boundaries around your money. • When and why you should seek help in gaining control of your money. • You can begin giving right away.  

  • Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson

    Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson

    Ksh 2099

    Brief Summary Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too Small. Quit playing it safe and start running toward the roar! When the image of a man-eating beast travels through the optic nerve and into the visual cortex, the brain sends the body a simple but urgent message: run away! That's what normal people do, but not lion chasers. Rather than seeing a five-hundred-pound problem, they see an opportunity for God to show up and show His power. Chase the Lion is more than a catch phrase; it's a radically different approach to life. It's only when we stop fearing failure that we can fully seize opportunity by the mane. With grit and gusto, New York Times best-selling author Mark Batterson delivers a bold message to everyone with a big dream. This is a wake-up call to stop living as if the purpose of life was to simply arrive safely at death. Our dreams should scare us. They should be so big that without God they would be impossible to achieve. Quit running away from what you're afraid of. Chase the lion! Change the world! What is your five-hundred-pound dream? In this highly anticipated sequel to his best-selling In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Mark Batterson invites lion chasers everywhere to chase dreams so impossible that victory demands we face our fears, defy the odds, and hold tight to God. These are the kind of dreams that will make you a bigger person and the world a better place. Based upon 2 Samuel 23, Chase the Lion tells the true story of an ancient warrior named Benaiah who chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day--and then killed it. For most people, that situation wouldn't just be a would be the last problem they ever faced. For Benaiah, it was an opportunity to step into his destiny.  After defeating the lion, he landed his dream job as King David's bodyguard and eventually became commander-in-chief of Israel's army under King Solomon. Written in a way that both challenges and encourages, this revolutionary book will help unleash the faith and courage you need to identify, chase, and catch the five-hundred-pound dreams in your life.   

  • Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

    Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

    Ksh 1899

    Brief Summary Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself. Each of the following statements relates to one of the four basic personality types: Melancholy, Phlegmatic, Sanguine, and Choleric. Which do you relate to most? I am well organised and keep everything in its proper place. I find it hard to express excitement, even about something that's really important to me. Sometimes I forget where I parked the car.I get annoyed when my employees don't follow my instructions to the letter. In this revised and expanded edition, Florence Littauer provides valuable insight into your God-given personality and reveals how your unique blend of traits affects your emotions, work performance, and relationships.  She also provides keys to understanding those around you. You will discover how to accept - and even enjoy - the traits that make each of us so different. Personality Plus is the tool you need to change your life for the better.  

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