• HP Z5000 Bluetooth Mouse

    HP Z5000 Bluetooth Mouse

    Ksh 4550

    Key features. Enjoy the ultimate freedom wherever you work with the HP Z5000 Bluetooth Wireless Ultra book Mouse. It provides Bluetooth freedom with every major operating system, including Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Android. No USB receiver or other software is required. • Ultra-slim ideal control • Free your ports • Navigate with familiarity • Ambidextrous control with 3 programmable buttons

  • Maped Colour Peps Metal Box (24 Pieces)

    Maped Colour Peps Metal Box (24 Pieces)

    Ksh 1095

    Key features. Maped stands for Design: the design brand for school and office accessories, Innovation Research and Filing Patents: Globalization and intense competition obliges Maped to protect its innovations. • Triangular barrel for easy and comfortable grip • High quality pencil crayons in Bright Colors • Easy to sharpen - Shock Resistant - Metal box for storage and transportation.

  • Easel 3103 Wooden Table

    Easel 3103 Wooden Table

    Ksh 4795

    Key features Easel 3103 Wooden Table • The easel is a practical choice for sketching, painting or simply displaying finished artwork and signs. • The tripod style makes it easy to set up or fold up for transportation and storage. • Sturdy unstained wood, supports stretched canvas or boards • Folds easily and has rubber tips on the legs so tables don't get marked. • Simple assembly, instructions included in package.

  • Easel 3104 Studio Wood H/Duty

    Easel 3104 Studio Wood H/Duty

    Ksh 20495

    Key features Easel 3104 Studio Wood H/Duty • Comes 90% Assembled • Easel height can be adjusted from 60" to 102" • Comfortable working angle for sitting or standing • Easy to assemble • Handcrafted made entirely from oiled  

  • Flip Chart Stand

    Flip Chart Stand

    Ksh 23195

    Key features  Mobile Flipchart Easel is a stylish flipchart, height adjustable and set on sturdy castors for easy movement. Once in use, 3 castors lock in place to ensure stability.  1. A flip-up clamp makes it quick and easy to change pads while sliding pad hooks mean it fits most pad sizes.  2. Without paper, the Barracuda Easel can also be used as a dry wipe board.  3. Adjusts from 1625mm in height to a max of 1950mm Diameter of base: 680mm 4. Flip chart stand 1902386

  • Nobo Rexel Nautile Magnetic Easel

    Nobo Rexel Nautile Magnetic Easel

    Ksh 9795

    Key features  Nobo Rexel Nautile Magnetic easel 1901914E This height adjustable easel has a full length pen tray to keep accessories close to hand and adjustable pad hooks to suit most pad formats. 1. Drywipe writing board for use with or without flipchart pad 2. Full width pen tray for pen storage 3. Individually height adjustable legs (105 to 184cm) 4. Magnetic drywipe writing board for use with or without flipchart pad 5. Adjustable pad hooks to suit most pads 6. Board dimensions (useable area) are H100cm W67.5cm  

  • Flip Chart Sheet Bank pad

    Flip Chart Sheet Bank pad

    Ksh 395

    Key features  Flip Chart Sheet Bank pad 1. This pad of A1 plain white flipchart paper has 2 holes at the top for positioning on whiteboard easels.  2. It is perforated for easy removal.  3. Filled with good quality, standard weight paper, this flipchart pad will suit everyday office needs.

  • Nobo Rexel Shark Flip-Chart Easel

    Nobo Rexel Shark Flip-Chart Easel

    Ksh 11495

    Key features  Nobo Classic Steel Tripod Flipchart Easel has a magnetic painted steel surface suitable for moderate use due to its good erasability and medium resistance to ink stains, pen marks, scratches and dents.  Nobo Rexel Shark flipchart easel 1901918E o It features extending arms to display up to 3 pages simultaneously, while its tripod legs are adjustable for height and fully retract for storing or moving.  o It is supplied with adjustable pad hooks, pen tray and a marker pen.  o 10 year surface guarantee.  

  • Nobo Classic Flip-Chart Easel

    Nobo Classic Flip-Chart Easel

    Ksh 11695

    Key features  Nobo Classic flipchart easel 33030853E. The Nobo Classic Flipchart Easel is a strong and sturdy flipchart for everyday use.  1. It features an A-frame design to ensure stability and its dry wipe surface can be used with or without a flip pad.  2. Push-pin legs allow for easy height adjustment. It comes complete with a flipchart pad for instant use. 3. Dry wipe surface can be used with or without flip pad 4. Push-pin legs allow for easy height adjustment 5. Supplied with flipchart pad for instant use  

  • Deli Whiteboard Enamel With Stand

    Deli Whiteboard Enamel With Stand

    Ksh 29695

    Key features  Deli Whiteboard Enamel with stand 6X3 Ref7889 1. Deli Whiteboard 2. Enamel with stand 6X3

  • Deli Whiteboard Double Sided

    Deli Whiteboard Double Sided

    Ksh 9595

    Key features  Deli Whiteboard 900x600MM double-sided Ref E7893 1. Aluminum Frame 2. Magnet white board size 600 × 900 mm 3. Aluminum frame with stand, easy to install and easy to move 4. Used in schools, homes, ministries and multiple locations 5. Only white board markers are supposed to use

  • Deli Whiteboard Eraser

    Deli Whiteboard Eraser

    Ksh 85

    Key features  1. Deli Whiteboard Eraser 2. Great for cleaning dry-erase boards 3. Light and convenient to use

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