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Martin Luther King,Jr. on Leadership

Author: Donald T. Phillips

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Ksh 1995

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech was…

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech was voted the most electrifying public address of the 20th century. It takes a special leader to give that kind of speech.

In an overview of the history of the civil rights struggle, Donald T. Phillips presents the ideals of leadership that Martin Luther King Jr. followed. Phillips describes the techniques King used at various stages of the civil rights battle.

He also shares King’s comments on leadership. Many of the principles will be quite familiar: listen to learn, lead by being led, awaken direct action, encourage creativity and involve the people.

However, the book is especially interesting when it demonstrates how King put these principles into practice. This well-organized, well-written book is clear, direct and easy to read. While it is written for the general public (especially for black people and those interested in civil rights),getAbstract finds this book applicable for all managers and executives, particularly those who like to learn the lessons of history.

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