Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns

  • D.light A1

    D.light A1

    Ksh 629

    ü  Tough and sturdy design ü  High-efficiency integrated solar panel ü  Lightweight: only 80 grams ü  Weather resistant for sun and rain ü  Adjustable support ü  Smart solar indicator for charge intensity ü  60,000-hour LED life ü  Lifetime well over 3 years (inclusive of battery) ü  Maintenance-free "

  • D.light s300

    D.light s300

    Ksh 3295

    Key features ü  Bright light and mobile charging in one device ü  Four brightness settings (Low, Medium, High, Bed) ü  High efficiency, weather resistant solar panel ü  Rain resistant housing ü  Charge indicator showing the level of battery charge ü  Robust circuitry for long-life performance ü  Deep discharge & overcharge protection to preserve battery life ü  Connectors for different phones included ü  No installation required ü  Easy to replace, high performance better ü  2years Warranty

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