Religion & Spiritual

Religion & Spiritual

  • Everyday a Friday by Joel Osteen

    Everyday a Friday by Joel Osteen

    Ksh 1799

    Brief Summary The title comes from research that shows people are happiest on Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen writes how we can generate this level of contentment and joy every day of the week. Known as a man who maintains a constant positive outlook in spite of circumstances, Osteen has described this message as a core theme of his ministry. Combining his personal experiences with scriptural insights and principles for true happiness, he shows readers how every day can hold the same promise and opportunities for pure joy that they experience at five o'clock on Friday." "

  • The Purpose Driven Life

    The Purpose Driven Life

    Ksh 1295

    Overview The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For A fresh look at life from a treasured book of hope. This isn't your grandfather's Purpose Driven Life. Retooled and newly titled What On Earth Am I Here For? for a new generation, this 10th anniversary edition includes all the wisdom of the original book, plus two new chapters and fresh insights Rick Warren has gleaned since he first wrote his #1 international bestseller. Discover God's amazing plan for you both now and for eternity as you take a spiritual journey that will transform your answer to life's most important question: What On Earth Am I Here For? Winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award and Christian Book of the Year Award, and excellent for homeschool use.

  • Conversations with God (Set)

    Conversations with God (Set)

    Ksh 2199

    Brief summary  When Neale Donald Walsch was experiencing a low point in his life, he decided to write a letter to God. What he did not expect was a response and the result was Conversations with God Book 1. Book 3 takes us even further in our questioning and search for answers, dealing with the universal truths of the highest order, and the challenges and opportunities of the soul.  This incredible series contains answers that will change you, your life, and the way you view other beings. Conversations with God, Book 1 was the start of Neale Donald Walsch's ongoing dialogue with God. The trilogy contains the most essential truths and lessons for spiritual seekers, and these books are the bestselling of all the author's works. Featuring a new foreword by the author, printed throughout in two colors, and inserted in a fully enclosed full-color box, this remarkable book will be a Christmas gift to treasure. "

  • Gods Generals Why They Succeeded

    Gods Generals Why They Succeeded

    Ksh 1799

    Brief summary  Here are twelve compelling biographies of some of the most powerful ministers ever to ignite the fires of revival by dynamically demonstrating the Holy Spirit's power. Roberts Liardon faithfully chronicles their lives along with their teachings, their spiritual discoveries, and many revealing photos.  William J. Seymour, Aimee Semple McPherson, Smith Wigglesworth, and Kathryn Kuhlman are just a few of the charismatic faith leaders you'll meet in this book.  Get ready to see how God worked in the lives of these generals.

  • Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda by Timothy Longman

    Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda by Timothy Longman

    Ksh 4499

    Brief Summary Although Rwanda is among the most Christian countries in Africa, in the 1994 genocide, church buildings became the primary killing grounds. To explain why so many Christians participated in the violence, this book looks at the history of Christian engagement in Rwanda and then turns to a rich body of original national and local-level research to argue that Rwanda's churches have consistently allied themselves with the state and played ethnic politics.  Comparing two local Presbyterian parishes in Kibuye prior to the genocide demonstrates that progressive forces were seeking to democratize the churches. Just as Hutu politicians used the genocide of Tutsi to assert political power and crush democratic reform, church leaders supported the genocide to secure their own power.  The fact that Christianity inspired some Rwandans to oppose the genocide demonstrates that opposition by the churches was possible and might have hindered the violence.  

  • God Is for Real by Todd Burpo and David Drury

    God Is for Real by Todd Burpo and David Drury

    Ksh 2099

    Brief Summary God Is for Real: And He Longs to Answer Your Most Difficult Questions. GOD IS FOR REAL addresses the questions: What is God like? Why are things the way they are in spite of who God is? If Todd's first book, Heaven Is for Real, was about the then and there of heaven, GOD IS FOR REAL is about the here and now on earth: Why are there are so many hypocritical church people? Why do Christians make such a big deal about the cross? Why doesn't God seem to answer our biggest prayers? People are tired of pat answers offered up in churchy language explaining away their questions; we want the down-and-dirty truth. What bothers us about life and faith is real and gritty.  We need a plain-spoken voice to offer God's answers to difficult struggles and painful doubts. Todd charges into these subjects with a fireman's courage, a small-town friend's vulnerability, and a local pastor's compassion. He helps articulate the questions people have, then gives them relevant biblical wisdom for taking their next steps in faith. God is ready to meet you! Are you ready to meet Him?  

  • The Relationship Principles of Jesus by Tom Holladay

    The Relationship Principles of Jesus by Tom Holladay

    Ksh 1799

    Brief Summary What would you give to radically improve, even transform, what matters most in your relationships? How about forty days of your time? In forty days, bring new depth and health to your marriage, your family, and your friendships.  Six weeks to explore and implement six foundational principles that Jesus taught and lived. You’ll be equipped with insights and a practical path for fulfilling God’s intention for all your relationships—even the difficult ones. Shaped after Rick Warren’s monumental bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life, this book invites you to learn from the Master of relationships. The Relationship Principles of Jesus will profoundly shape how you view relationships.  

  • King James Version Large Print Thinline Bible

    King James Version Large Print Thinline Bible

    Ksh 2199

    Brief Summary The Thomas Nelson KJV Value Thinline Large Print Bible—featuring the timeless beauty of the trustworthy King James translation in a large, readable font size—strikes the perfect balance between portability and readability.  Wherever you’re going, the KJV Value Thinline Large Print Bible is built to travel with you. This easy-to-carry Bible comes with features that will enhance your reading experience, including beautifully-designed covers, an all-new typesetting in the elegant and readable Thomas Nelson KJV font, a ribbon marker, and the words of Christ in red. Invite your eyes to linger and engage God’s Word with new, easy-to-read Comfort Print® KJV Bibles from Thomas Nelson. Blending modern technology with old-world craftsmanship, Comfort Print® KJV Bibles are designed with exclusive fonts, reflecting the beautiful and timeless character of the King James translation, to enhance your scripture reading experience. Features Include: • Exclusive KJV Comfort Print® • Words of Christ in red • Full color maps • Ribbon marker • Easy-to-read, 11.5-point type  

  • King James Version Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible

    King James Version Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible

    Ksh 2699

    Brief Summary Enhance your time reading and exploring God’s Word. Experience a whole new level of visual comfort and biblical study with Thomas Nelson’s Giant Print Reference Bible.  This Bible is filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. Plus, it features giant print type, making reading more enjoyable than ever.  Ideal for individual study, teaching, and ministry work, this trusted edition of the Holy Bible will enhance your time exploring the beauty and meaning of God’s Word. Features include: • End-of-verse references and translation notes • Family record section • Bible book introductions • Stars marking messianic prophecies • Self-pronouncing text • Words of Jesus in red • Concordance • Full-color maps • Type size: 13  

  • King James Version Value Thinline Bible Leather soft Pink by Thomas Nelson

    King James Version Value Thinline Bible Leather soft Pink by Thomas Nelson

    Ksh 1599

    Brief Summary The Thomas Nelson KJV Thinline Bible, Large Print featuring the timeless beauty of the King James translation in Thomas Nelson’s new KJV Comfort Print® fonts, is lightweight and convenient for everyday use.  Striking the perfect balance between portability and readability, the KJV Thinline Bible, Large Print offers a large print text so you can increase your engagement with Scripture.  Features include: • Thomas Nelson KJV Comfort Print® typeface • Words of Christ in red • Full-color maps • Single ribbon marker • Easy-to-read 11.5-point print size  

  • NIV Giant Print Compact Bible by Zondervan

    NIV Giant Print Compact Bible by Zondervan

    Ksh 3099

    Brief Summary Large enough to read. Compact enough to carry. This compact NIV Bible makes the comfort of giant print especially portable. The NIV Giant Print Compact Bible combines ease of reading with a handy compact size, convenient enough to carry anywhere.  The single-column text and easy-on-the-eyes typeface is perfect for more comfortable Bible reading, bringing the Word of God into focus. Testimonials: 'It's such a great feeling knowing I can carry my Bible with me and can read the text easily.  This is the smallest large-print Bible I have ever seen, and it has become my daily-use Bible for that reason!' 'The giant print is awesome! I have 53-year-old eyes and can actually read this Bible without my glasses. The nice compact size makes it great to take along.'

  • King James Version Gift and Award Bible

    King James Version Gift and Award Bible

    Ksh 899

    Brief Summary Featuring the beautiful and trustworthy KJV translation, the KJV Gift and Award Bible is a special-occasion Bible that is given to recognized individuals or groups.  The affordable price of this Bible makes it convenient to buy in bulk and is ideal for celebrating graduations, baptisms, birthdays, new church attendees, and personal or group achievements.  This Bible includes a special presentation page, the Words of Christ in red, an easy-to-use dictionary-concordance, charts, maps, and comes in the beautiful new Thomas Nelson KJV font. Features Include: • Beautiful new Thomas Nelson KJV font • Words of Christ in red • Easy-to-use Dictionary-Concordance • Miracles and Parables of Jesus • Presentation page • Full-color maps • 8.75" x 5.50"  

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