Islamic Wear (Men)

Islamic Wear (Men)

  • Golden Shawl

    Golden Shawl

    Ksh 595

    ü  Imported ü  Dry Clean Only ü  Quality: Embroidered in the Kashmiri Style ü  Principal Color: golden ü  Embrodery Colors: Shades of Golden Tan  

  • Ihram for Hajj and Umrah Cloth

    Ihram for Hajj and Umrah Cloth

    Ksh 1399

    Key features  Two piece large size Ihram (for men) of good quality thick and soft towel material.  1. Ihram for hajj and umrah 2. High quality pilgrims Ihram garments 3. Color: White 4. 100% Cotton, Thick material (Towel). 5. Ihram weight: 1600g 6. Size: length 90 X width 45

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