Solar Energy

Solar Energy

  • Multi plus 100

    Multi plus 100

    Ksh 3295

    Main Features ü  100 Lumen Brightness ü  Mobile Phone Charging ü  LED Light - dimmable 3x Light Modes ü  up to 5x longer lifetime ü  Solar & Mobile Adapter charging ü  Environment Friendly Battery  ü  Water & Dust Protected

  • Multi 300 XL

    Multi 300 XL

    Ksh 4095

    ü  300 Lumen Brightness ü  Mobile Phone Charging ü  LED Light - 5x Light Modes ü  up to 5x longer lifetime ü  Solar & Mobile Adapter charging ü  Environment Friendly Battery ü  Water & Dust Protected ü  5x mobile phone adapters ü  24 Month Limited Warranty

  • D Light S2

    D Light S2

    Ksh 1049

    Key features • D.light S2 is affordable, • Durable • Solar powered lamp. • This portable reading light is great for homes, schools, and businesses. • Provides up to 4 hours of light on a full day’s charge  • Uses highly efficient LEDs  

  • Uno 50

    Uno 50

    Ksh 959

    ü  50 Lumen Brightness ü  Ultra-affordable (<10$ USD) ü  All-in-One Compact Design ü  LED Light - 2 Light Modes ü  up to 5x longer lifetime ü  Solar & Mobile Adapter charging ü  Environment Friendly Battery

  • D Light s 20

    D Light s 20

    Ksh 1299

    Key features • Two brightness level settings for different tasks • Ultra-light, ultraportable lamp • Multiple-setting handle allows flexible usage • Tough and sturdy design • Protection from overcharging • 2years Warranty

  • Three Led Light Kit

    Three Led Light Kit

    Ksh 7995

    Main features • 10 wts panel • 3 pcs bulb, 2w • USB Multi-pin charger • 3 cables 8 mts long with switch • High quality lithium battery 3.7V, 5000mAH   

  • Sunlar Powerbank

    Sunlar Powerbank

    Ksh 2995

    Main features • Sunlar Power bank • High quality power banks  • Warranty: 12 months • 10000 MA  

  • D Light D30

    D Light D30

    Ksh 18999

    Key Features  The dlight d30 solar home system is personal power grid for your home or business. This modern, efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, mobile-charging battery pack, three LED bulbs, three switches, and rechargeable torch, solar powered Radio with memory/USB slot and octopus charger.  Dual light settings provide power for 17hrs on low setting. Upgrade your home / business with D.light D30. • High efficiency weather resistant 10W solar panel with 6 metre cable • High power solar rechargeable torch, super-bright up to 80 Lumens. 50,000 hour • LED lifetime • With 3 Fixed Lamps • USB output with 5 in 1 mobile phone charger • World class solar rechargeable radio with FM/MW/SW reception and MP3 player. • USB and Micro SD card compatible • Keypad enable Pay As You Go technology • Battery unit up to 5+ year lifetime with interactive LCD display • 2-year warranty • Lifetime of 5 years (including battery) • Maintenance-free • 1 Year warranty on torch and radio • Wall mounted switch with 2 light settings  

  • D Light S100

    D Light S100

    Ksh 1899

    Key Features  Never pay for mobile charging or lighting again! The d.light S100 solar lantern is the most affordable mobile charging lantern with double the savings. The unique dual-function lens of the S100 spreads ambient lighting throughout the room, while having a bright spotlight in the center to function as a task light for studying and working.  The bundled solar panel allows direct charging of mobile phones during the day, ensuring you are never out of charge again. • Battery: 4-8 hours of light per full charge • Brightness: 6x brighter than kerosene • Solar Panel: Separate solar panel included • Portability: Adjustable stand or handle, strap • Charger: Charges mobiles via solar panel Product Highlights • Charge mobiles for free daily: The S100 comes bundled with a solar panel that allows direct charging of your phones during the day for free. It is a safe and efficient method to quickly recharge your phones during the day. Charging adapters for popular handsets are also packaged with the product • Dual-function ambient light: The S100 lantern offers a uniquely designed lens which causes light to form a spotlight in the center, and wide, evenly distributed light in the rest of the room. Thus, it offers the dual benefit of letting you perform tasks (like studying and reading) and general chores (such as cleaning or cooking) with a single product!  

  • i Glow One Solar LED Lantern

    i Glow One Solar LED Lantern

    Ksh 2299

    Key Features  The Sollatek iGlow one is an economical and robust LED lantern with in-built solar panel and battery for ease of use. It is ideal for all small scale off-grid applications. Features • Main Lamp has 2 brightness settings • Secondary reading Lamp with adjustable angle • Dual way charging (by solar panel and charging unit through USB) • 5 in 1 mobile charging cable provided Technical Specifications • 1.4W Solar Panel Poly-crystalline • 3.7V/2200mAh Li-ion Battery • Reading Light: Nominal 45 lumens • Max. 50 lumens in full battery • Main Light: High setting: Nominal 85 lumens • Max. 110 lumens in full battery • Main Light: Low setting: Nominal 50 lumens • Max. 55 lumens in full battery • Reading light: 14hrs runtime • Main light brightest setting: 6 hours runtime • Main light low setting: 8 hours run-time • Battery fully charged from solar after 8hours (1kw/m2 sunshine) • 1 hour of charge of smartphone and 3 hours of light (lowest setting) or reading light  

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